Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Music. It soothes the Savage Beast. Butsometimes you want to dance with the Beast. We got that covered too. The following artists have no idea they've been included in our soundtrack and have not signed off on their inclusion. But you should definitely BUY these songs and support these artists. This is the Official Soundtrack of the Kult oV MONITOR.>>

Vol. 1.

Vol. 2.

Vol. 3: The Dark Night of the Soul

Vol. D.>>
(the two Tool songs 'go together' so we're linking to a video that put them together in both links above)

2015: The World’s a Dream 

OMG! This Song is About Meeeee—A Journey Into the Psycho-Sphere of The Artist.>>

“The idea of the dance floor as 
a battle field, of music as a 
means of not just escape but 
survival, no longer seems like 
just a metaphor.”

“A breviary of the spiritual life 
in America, where the path to 
God lies through scattered 
pop-trash clues.”

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Episode 613: The Randoming

The meta aliens from Dimension XXX keep trying to make me their spokesperson. They impregnant me with trrrible ideas. Soon this hyper-dimensional rock cult will unleash all their nubile technologies on us and then who among us will be able to resist their taut supple promises?

The bees in my teeth are getting restless.