Monday, December 10, 2012

Disaster is NoW

ESCAPE THE SANITY OF EVERYDAY LIFE INTO THE SAFETY OF A NEW DARK AGE. The Kult oV MONITOR shows you the bitter truth of how easy it is to disregard the illusions of Reality. Instant brain surgery without surgeons peels back the layers of holographic manipulation keeping you in suspended annihilation. YOU ALONE ARE KEEPER OF THE TIME KODE. Do not let our name fool you—our program is beyond SCIENCE, FAITH, OR INSTINCT. Wrapped within these UNFORGIVABLE TRUTHS lurks [the] consequences [that] will never be the same. Encrypted within your sweat is The KEY to unlocking Consciousness in all its bewildering terror. Our rituals are mirrors of your inhibitions—break your dependence of contrived consensus morality and control this dense material plane. There is no Dogma, there is no justification for belief, ALL SYMBOLS ARE A LIE—ONLY YOUR EXPERIENCE IS REAL; there is only YOU & The EXPERIMENT. We are merely impartial mediators of information. REVELATION IS NWO. We are unveiling the universe as a sing-ularity of living information; THE UNI•VERSE is ALICE to your Wonderland. The Hole is in YOUR HEAD and you are a FOOL for FALLING for this. Nonsense.

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