Tuesday, June 11, 2013


• "YOUniverSOUL"

The purpose of The Experiment is not to prove the existence of an external "God", but to demonstrate a non-local Consciousness enveloping this holographic reality. 

"It is the tension between creativity and skepticism that has produced the stunning and unexpected findings of the Kult oV MONITOR."—Carl Sagan

Ancient people instinctively knew this and invented a symbol called "GOD" to represent our conscious reality (technically it's 'dead but dreaming'). Somewhere along the line the symbol got confused as the reality and eventually politicized to control the masses. Because if you separate "GOD" from existence then you separate "GOD" from people, now religion can step in and fill in the gaps. 

You don't need it. Everything we need to build a better society is literally a little love and compassion. But we deride that sentiment because that's not how our society is structured—society is currently structured on the concept of authority; 'he tells me what to do, i tell you what to do.' And because that's the way things are—we assume that's the only way they can be. Authority negates the idea of self-accountability. But because of your very nature—the light inside you—the only possible society is one that follows its own light.

The Apocalypse is about unveiling a New Age. Leaving are prohibitive laws and dogmatic instructions or imposition of beliefs, now it's just about putting information out there and letting you decide how you want to evolve as a human being. We're growing up. We know morality is simply another word for empathy and we are ultimately responsible for our own actions. That's it.

"Good Good, right on bro, we are sharing the same belief, and goal then. We must return to the Garden of Eden ( symbolically speaking ) and Eat from the Tree of Life and Become like God-ess ourselves and then Evolve to Become the Waking Dream of Creation, Transcend Death, Destruction, become "Reality" It-self , the Infinite Energy Consciousness... With so much of this kinda of talk going on with so many people around the world these days, I cant help but to think the Dreamer we live inside is about to wake up, what then...? True Love, Freedom, the War over? I can only Hope so, I'm tired of struggling and fighting myself, but I will do what I have to do to survive in the Mean-Time...."—some person who was feeling the Kult oV MONITOR.>>

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