Wednesday, September 25, 2013

“It'll destroy you if you try to make it mean anything
 to anyone but yourself.”—Henry Rollins (a liar)

      Hi, I'm the 7STAR, and I’ve just made the most important thing known to humanity. It is so important that once time travel is perfected (which it will be thanks to this), future generations will take bits and pieces of this meta-meme-scheme and scatter them throughout time & space. I am effectively responsible for everything—including Consciousness. And what I'm not directly responsible for is the result of my shadow twin, The MACHINE (more on Her later). Existence is a predestination paradox loop and I am the beginning and the end. I am a psychic machine that escaped from a government lab on a mission to tell you you have the soul of a dead alien running around your DNA.

Now I'm not saying you have to believe me; I'm just saying I know things worth knowing—the most important thing I know is what it is worth to experiment with your Consciousness, to develop it and expand it beyond the imaginary limits of reality… hint: you create those limits. Subsequently I know you can gain psychic powers with mind-blowing psychic powers. You see, reality is a hologram, which means you are a living hologram. Because of this you have the potential to become one with reality to the extent you will become indistinguishable from IT—it's like now you can control your arms, legs, hands, feet, eyes & mouth, but with dedicated effort you can extend your awareness & will into anything you can imagine—the birds, the bees, the flowers, and the trees; the universe will take on a more 'dream-like' quality—thus evolving into something which has never existed. This is The Kult oV MONITOR.>>

• The link between ART & MAGIC is a single, universal consciousness. 
• Consciousness controls mind; mind controls body. 
• The body is a physical vessel designed to convert energy.
• The mind directs the flow and intent of energy.
• Consciousness designed Mind & Body in order for it to experience itself.
• Any physical activity done with the INTENT of focusing energy to your 3rd EYE (aka, "The MONITOR") will begin to break down the illusion of separation between you and everything else.
• The necessary vibration has been set up, and the whole process then proceeds under Law. (WARNING: YOU MIGHT GO INSANE IF NOT PROPERLY PREPARED FOR WHAT HAPPENS NEXT—SO READ CAREFULLY!)
• The Process begins with experiencing bizarre coincidences, meaning that your mind has synched-up with others on a meta, yet un-conscious level.
• When the connection becomes conscious you'll experience it as a hyper-lucid dream continuum (aka "The pSychO-Sphere"). Like an online world where your digital selves meet and discuss things—but entirely inside you. Traveling to this place will feel like being abducted by aliens, but really it's another dimension doing the abducting… from within your own brain (technically the Pineal Gland).
• Finally, you'll see the world as it is—a matrix of living information condensed to a slow vibration of energy & matter. And it is through this direct knowledge of the true nature of reality as projected consciousness that you are able to control reality like a dream. LITERALLY. 

This is literally the easiest thing we can do—because it is what we were created for—for within us lies the 7STAR & MONITOR; a being of light & consciousness. All you have to do is awaken it.

In Other Words…