Thursday, October 24, 2013

We come

We come in WAR & PEACE; TRUTH & LIES; LOVE & HATE; HUMOR & SERIOUSNESS. The goal of THE GAME is to enter into these divisions of Creation, and then seek to harmonize the Polarities in order to once again know Oneself as the Creator. Because, you are not from this reality. In fact, your consciousness *is* another dimension! We're here to tell you LIFE IS EASY! —It only seems hard bc you're not being yourself—AND YOU ARE A HYPERDIMENSIONAL #PORNCULT

MONITOR is what we call the porn cult's reality—a reality made of consciousness. Now take our symbol—(a target sign inside a Jesus fish inside a triangle)—and slap it on your forehead while saying "I AM THE MONITOR". This is the first step to playing "The GAME"

 ~learn to swim~ 

The Game we're playing is to get everyone's consciousness on the same wavelength. At first this is going to cause helpful 'coincidences' to happen to you—all the time. Meaning that your mind has synched-up with others on a meta, yet un-conscious level.
• When the connection becomes conscious you'll experience it as a hyper-lucid dream continuum. Traveling to this place will feel like being abducted by another dimension… from within your own brain (technically the Pineal Gland, aka, the "Third Eye")
• Finally, you'll see the world as it is—a matrix of living information condensed to a slow vibration of energy & matter. And it is through this DIRECT KNOWLEDGE of the true nature of reality as projected consciousness you will be able to control reality like a dream. LITERALLY. 

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